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What is the Best Leash for My Dog?


What is the Best Leash for My Dog?

In terms of walking your dogs, majority of dog owners would think about the best leash to use. However, for some reasons, not all leashes or collars are made equal and some might cause lasting damage to your dog. So, if you’re wondering about the best leash for your dog, here are the different kinds of dog leash you should know:

Regular Leash

The regular dog leash is often made of nylon webbing with clip at the end, which attaches to the collar of your dog and there’s a loop found at the other end to make it easier to hold. They come in different types of designs and colors and usually about an inch wide and normally four to eight foot long. They’re also made from some materials like braided cord and leather.

Bungee Leash

This kind of dog leash is also the same with the typical dog leashes that have a handle and clip. Nevertheless, the material is what its name implies and it’s actually made from a bungee cord. It is meant to serve as the shock absorber once your dog tries to take off or pulls. It isn’t a terrible choice for a dog owner as it can also be beneficial. Yet, the problem is that when your dog gets to the end, there is no shock absorption.

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Chain Leash

It’s a leash that comes with a handle like some dog leashes and a clip like some leashes to attach this to your dog. It is just a dog leash that’s made of chain. It comes in some lengths like typical leash and an option for the dogs who chew through leather or nylon materials.

Retractable Leash

Normally, retractable leash has a belt or cord attached to a short nylon section. The nylon part can be clipped to your dog like a typical leash and the belt or cord retracts into the plastic handle. You may let the leash out as much as you like or lock this in the handle with just a push of the button. Most of these enable your dog to go anywhere from ten to twenty feet away from you. If you want a retractable leash, you can consider 3M 5M Retractable Leash Automatic for Small and Medium Dogs.

Slip Lead Leash

This type of dog leash is what you usually see at the office of some veterinarians or any animal shelter, where they have to move dogs who aren’t wearing a collar. The fancy slip leads are used for showing and they’re typically a nylon leash, which slips through the ring to make a loop that goes around the dog’s neck. It is much like the choke collar, which can be dangerous for dogs. But, slip lead leash is a helpful backup if your dog often slips out of his collar. Just don’t tighten it too much to avoid choking.

There are other types of dog leashes you can choose from. When buying one, see to it that it’s suited for your dog’s size and unique needs.

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