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Socks and Boots

Some say dogs don’t need boots. Oh, but dogs do. Crossing the finish line at the famous Alaskan sled dog race the Iditarod, as well as transporting supplies for scientists and explorers in the Arctic, all the wild and wooly dogs of snow and slush wear boots. Rescue dogs often wear boots to protect their valuable pads in rough terrain. Boots also prevent cracking in the callouses of the pads and keep feet clean. Your dog, stepping out on a blustery day in January on icy cold slushy streets, deserves foot care, too.

Look at it this way: Human beings don’t need boots either. Cave people didn’t have boots. Of course, their average life spans were perhaps 16 years. As we human beings have learned, anything that keeps us comfortable makes our lives longer and better. The same should go for dogs.

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